09.00                 Registration, networking in the exhibition and partnering meetings

09.30                 Welcome and introduction

                     Moderator: Jochen Schwenk, Professor of Translational Proteomics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

09.35                 Patient-centric sampling is the enabler for future diagnostics

                    Niclas Roxhed, Associate Professor and team leader of medical microsystems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

10.00                 A Global outlook on POC diagnostics at the point of care for low resource settings

                     Giulia Gaudenzi, Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet and Co-founder, Flexpenser

10.25                 Coffee, networking and partnering meetings

11.00                 Importance of transition to IVDR for the benefit of patients

                     Helena Dzojic, Head of Department for Medical Devices, Läkemedelsverket (Swedish Medical Products Agency)

11.25                 Artificial Intelligence in cancer precision diagnostics

                    Mattias Rantalainen, Associate Professor, PhD, Karolinska Institutet, and CTO, Co-Founder, Stratipath

11.50                 Use of time-lapse technology and deep-learning models in the IVF laboratory

                     Kersti Lundin, Associate Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

12.15                 Lunch, networking and partnering meetings

13.15                 Personalised diagnostics for effective personalized therapies

                     Dusan Raicevic, BSc Medical Laboratory Technology, Sales and Business Development Director, Metabolon

13.40                 Transforming Research into Health and Opportunity Through Academic-Industry Collaboration

                     Ferdinand Choong, Collaboration Advisor External Engagement Office and Research Support Office, Karolinska Institutet

14.05                 Tools to analyze very few, and very many molecules

                     Ulf Landegren, Professor of Molecular Medicine, SciLifeLab, Uppsala University

14.30                 Coffee, networking and partnering meetings

15.00                 The road to the future – how Swedish companies can benefit from Datadriven Precision Medicine

                     Britta Stenson, Acting Head of Global Industry Network Life Science, Business Sweden

15.25                 Genomic Medicine Sweden: Paving the Way for Precision Diagnostics and Treatments

                     Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Professor of Clinical Genetics, Karolinska Institutet

15.50                 Summary and conclusion
~ 16.00